The Secrets Of Copper Enameling Finally Revealed - Online Course

I Will Help You Create Your Own Magic

The secrets Of Copper Enameling Finally Revealed


Course prepared and given by:

Pearly Karpel Lampwork and Enamel Artist


Enameling is fusing powdered glass to a substrate using a gas torch or kiln. The large variety of available enamel colors and transparency allows for infinite designs, effects, and textures.

In this course, I will show my love of enamel and teach you how to fuse enamel powders,

how to add pigments, how to use decals, how to add murrini and glass, how to use stencils, how to add white black and gold liner gel, adding silver- foil and demonstrate the tools that you will need for enameling.

You will be amazed by the beautiful pieces you will make and the endless design options you can create.

Enameling has become very popular in the past few years. After taking this course, you’ll have all of the information required to create your own magic and make striking enameled elements to be used in your jewelry.