The course is attuned to the needs of beginners and those already at an
intermediate level. You do not need any prior knowledge to begin, but if you
are already familiar with enameling, you will learn many new techniques and
ideas. You will be able to create dazzling and fantastic enamel parts.

No, you get lifetime access

When you purchase the course, you sign up with your email and password.
After payment, you may log in to the course, and you will have  a link to the course in your account tab.

N.B. Payment is non-refundable.

The course is 100% online. Once a course has been published, you may start
and finish at your own time and pace. You may go back to review the parts that
interest you most and skip the features you already know. At any time, you
may ask questions, answer questions, share your projects, and more.

*Little Torch/kitchen torch/other
*Trivets/enameling station
*Copper blanks

*Enamel powders
*Kyle fire
Also, it’s nice to have
*Liner gel
*Enameling plier
*Application and eraser pen
*Metal Hole maker